Established Site for Sale 100k Uniques & $5k/mth
  • Website Address:
    What is the average monthly unique visitors?: 814
    What is the average monthly profit?: $5000
    How many months has the site been profitable?: 24
    How many hours per week do you spend maintaining the site?: 40
    How is the site Monetized?: Advertising (CPM, CPC), Affiliate (CPA), Selling a Product, Other
    What are the primary sources of traffic?: Organic Search, Pay-per-click Search, Email Marketing, Referring Sites, Affiliates, Other
    How Much Would You Like to Sell For?: $18000
    Additional Comments: Hello,

    Were thinking of selling our dupli shop sites throughout europe:

    Visits over 100K, generating 1000+ Eur/month/site with a covered running cost of 1300 Eur overall from profits. Starting bid is 5 number amount.
    Looking forward to hear from you. 

    If your interested in this listing, send me a PM and I'll get you the sellers contact info.  
  • One other comment - we have not done any due diligence on this site, nor are we recommending it.  It's simply a site that has been submitted to us as one for sale.  Please do your due diligence before contacting the owner.  One thing I noticed with a quick SEMRush report look was that the unique visitor traffic doesn't match what they are quoting.  
  • Hi do you have proof of earnings such as screenshots, videos, logins, etc?  I'm very interested in this site. 

  • I'll get in touch with the seller and see if it's still available.
  • Here is the site owners email: