45k Unique Visitors - $950/mth profit 1 hour a week maintenance
  • Website Address: http://www.proxysites.net/ 
    What is the average monthly unique visitors?: 45000 
    What is the average monthly profit?: $950 
    How many months has the site been profitable?: 24 
    How many hours per week do you spend maintaining the site?: 1 Hour 
    How is the site Monetized?: Advertising (CPM, CPC) 
    What are the primary sources of traffic?: Organic Search 
    How Much Would You Like to Sell For?: $25000 Send me an IM if you are interested in this site - we can forward the contact information of the seller to you.*****We have not done any due diligence on this site, nor do we have direct first hand knowledge of the site or sellers.  We do not represent the seller and are in no way recommending the site just because it's displayed in the Established Sites for Sale section.  Buy at your own risk.*** Yes, this is our legal disclaimer that we aren't saying you should or should not buy a specific site.