Hello from Los Angeles, CA
  • Hello everyone, my name is Namal De Silva and I'm new here to B.A.S.W. I was intrigued by this concept of buying websites as it seemed to be a good solution not only for new people coming into the industry but for established entrepreneurs as well. So I'm excited to be here and connect with so many great people! Anyone can call me personally, as I love connecting with actual people. (You know since this internet thing can get lonely sometimes ;) (909)-267-0353 Take care, 
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    So funny about the "lonely" comment.  I was just saying the same thing to a group of entrepreneurs I had lunch with last week.  Told them we need or I mean "I need" to connect with people in person more often after sitting in front of a computer all day - it can get lonely.

    Anyway, welcome to the community.  Feel free to ask questions and share what you are up to or any challenges you're facing as you build up the business.