Greetings from the UK :)
  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Hayden, I have just joined and I am flipping glad to be here!
    I live and work in the UK as a web designer and developer, with experience in wordpress, graphic design and dotnetnuke, and am currently working my way through magento.

    I want to work for myself. i have tried practically everything online and nothing I try seems to suit me. That is not to say I haven't made money as I have. I just haven't enjoyed it.
    I love to build sites, I guess it means in the beginning at least i will be using my web development skills to help me sell websites.

    I hope to become a valued member here and be able to answer as many questions as I ask!
    I look forward to chatting with you all.

  • Great to have you join and glad the log in issue got resolved for you. 

    Do you have any sites you can provide as examples that you've created?  I'd love to see what you've built so far.  Do you have specific niches you focus on?

    Glad to have you as part of the community. 
  • Thanks David.

    Well I have built or been a part of different builds for the company I work for. These give you a basic idea of the types of websites that i have been involved in. which is a very small basic website that I was asked to do by a company that has a licence to distribute tango products. Tango released a new chocolate bar and some balls that were similar to terry's chocolate orange with the added extra of having popping candy in them. which was a much larger project that i was a part of. I came to this project kind of in the middle of it and was responsible mainly for site content as the base design was already down. (the site is a table design but it was out of my hands!) I have recently taken this site out of tables and made it responsive, this was my first responsive website project.

    I have also designed a mobile website that has its focus on a industry specific calculator at and is managed through dotnetnuke

    As the company i am working for mainly works with dotnetnuke it has meant, my wordpress sites have lacked in my portfolio but I am working on that. I am currently working on a product for themeforest which will be wordpress.

    Do you think that the value of a website can depend on the CMS used at all?
  • Nice looking sites.  Great question about the value of sites based on CMS.  I don't have a study or any stats specific to that.  However, I can say that there are more buyers for WordPress sites than anything else.  That being said, I would assume that prices would be higher in general for the WordPress sites across the board only because there are more buyers.  Again, if there is a php site that has a tremendous amount of traffic and revenue - I'm sure it's going to get bids and a high price, so it's not to say the other CMS platforms don't have value.