after purchase how to keep GA history?
  • i just purchased a site and the seller gave me access to the GA account for the domain. now that the site is mine how do i transfer this previous data to my GA account and just let the stats continue without missing any beats?
  • Hi Mark,

    There are two ways the seller may have given you access:
    1.) He made you an administrator on the analytics account. If this was the case, you're in good shape. You'll simply want to remove his user from the account and you're set.
    2.) He gave you read-only access to the profile for the website. If this was the case, you'll need to create a new account or profile and switch analytics code on the site. There is no way I'm aware of to "import" the old data.

    Hope that helps!
  • If it was #2 - I'd recommend contacting the old owner and having them make you an admin on their analytics account for the site if they haven't deleted it already.
  • thanks for the response. i'll contact the seller and have him make me admin. good lesson. i will now be requesting that in the beginning.

  • In some cases, the seller has multiple GA profiles (sites) in one account so he may not be able to make you an admin without giving you access to all his other sites. That's when you run into issues. That's why I like to have a separate google account for each of my sites.
  • just to let everyone know, i did ask the seller to make me an admin which he did and i was able to take ownership of it in my GA account.

    thanks for the advice!
  • glad it worked out  for you.  thanks for letting us now