what do you think this site is worth?
  • after purchasing my first site yesterday (also btw... bought the ebook yesterday too!!) the seller offered me another. wanted to run these stats by you guys to see what you think is a good price:

    the site ranks pretty well for a popular android app. its really ugly so i can pretty it up.

    < year domain age
    PR 0
    traffic making a hard upward slope since launch

    It gets about 300 UV a day and brings about $120+ from adsense. It took me a lot of effort to rank this one but it has been holding its ranks since June now without any more efforts. Google CPC is $6+ with local searches being around 1900. This is a good one if you can make it pretty and flip.

  • David_312David_312
    Accepted Answer
    Without knowing the domain or any stats on the site, I can give you a very rough idea of what we'd likely pay.  Because the site is new and although they may be ranking for certain keywords you really don't know if the site will maintain those rankings over time, specifically during the next Google update.  We tend to stay away from sites less than 1 year old, but occasionally we'll pick one up.  The other thing to look at is what percentage of the traffic is coming from the top three keywords.  Diversity is best. 

    All that being said, I'd probably not pay more than $750 for the site.
  • thanks david. so i think what you're saying is the its better if the majority of the traffic comes from more than the three top keywords?
  • Sorry for the confusion.  The more keywords the traffic is coming from the better.  If any one keyword has a large percentage of traffic to the site, you are risking a lot by buying the site hoping the ranking does not change.  (Assuming you are focused on google organic traffic only).  I can share based on experience of buying one site where 90% of all traffic came from one term.  It was a great term that generated about $1,000 per month for the site.  I bought the site with a discount on the value because the traffic was all on one term.  About a year later the site got caught in the google update and dropped from #1 on that term to page 12.  If google does an update and you have 100 keywords driving traffic with all being about equal, if 10 drop from top rankings on page one, the site isn't as affected.
  • very interesting feedback. that makes a lot of sense. i appreciate it.