experience with escrow.com
  • i'm having my first experience with escrow.com and would like to hear other experiences.

    at first i stated that i was only transferring a domain name so that i could use a credit card for the transaction. but my seller changed that to domain with content which is correct.

    i was then informed by escrow that my only options were wire transfer or check. both of which are super inconvenient.

    has anyone had a similar experience? is there any way around this manual step??
  • David_312David_312
    Accepted Answer
    We've always done a wire transfer for the purchase of websites with Escrow.com.  Most banks, once you set-up the transaction one time and let them know you'll do more wires to the same company in the future, they'll let you call in the wire.  I call in for all wires we do.

    The nice thing about Escrow.com is that you always wire the funds directly to them, so once it's set up it works well. 

    All that being said, it's easier to have the transaction say Domain only - at least that's what we've found from personal experience.
  • thanks david. i thought it was interesting that i marked it as domain only but the buyer had the opportunity to change it and did. perhaps it has something to do with my newbie status on that buying site.