Established Site for Sale in Fish Tank Niche
  • Contact Name: Louis Camputaro 
    Contact Email:
    Website Address:
    What is the average monthly unique visitors?: 500-1000
    What is the average monthly profit?: $0-300
    How many months has the site been profitable?: 2
    How many hours per week do you spend maintaining the site?: 1 to 2hrs
    How is the site Monetized?: Advertising (CPM, CPC), Selling a Product, Other
    What are the primary sources of traffic?: Organic Search, Pay-per-click Search, Referring Sites
    How Much Would You Like to Sell For?: $1000
    Comments: I am unable to "effectively" market this website. It is has
    good money making potential. All products are dropped shipped from a
    supplier.I am only able to advertise $100 dollars a month.
  • Looks interesting,do I just email the seller?
  • Yes Scott, we're simply hoping to connect buyers and sellers so feel free to contact them.