web host recommendations
  • anybody have a super speedy and inexpensive web host they love?
  • I use hostgator.com

    There's a coupon for them on this site http://bestwebsitehosts.com  it makes it less than $6/month

    Good up time on it.

  • I use hostgator, godaddy and a few others. I prefer hostgator.  It makes the most sense if you are looking to buy several sites, to get a reseller account where you can host multiple sites on one server.  It's about $60/month if I remember right.
  • I like hostgator as well. We use a reseller account as David said.
  • I think the main advantage of a premium webhost such as hostgator is that it comes with free customer support.  For those who are new to putting together their own websites, it is definitely worth it.

    For those who are tech-savvy or are already familiar with common tools such as cPanel, FTP and parking domains with different hosting companies, I'd say shop around.  Depending on your requirements and skillset, you may even be able to just use a good quality free host.

    I have a list that I've been keeping track of which I can share if anyone is interested.
  • Please share - we'd be interested in seeing it.
  • Here's a list of hosts that I recommend along with some brief notes on features I think set them apart:
    http://www.youhosting.com/ - Allows you to register as a reseller and create unlimited accounts with very generous limits on space, bandwidth, etc.
    http://www.heliohost.org - This is the only free host I found that allows you to buy a dedicated IP at cost ($12) for use with SSL.  You can get a free SSL certificate from www.startcom.com rather than paying $50+ from one of the commercial providers.  I will say though I ran into some performance issues a few times while using them.  You also only get 500MB of space which shouldn't be an issue for most websites.
    http://www.serversfree.com - This host provides unlimited everything.  It does not use cPanel though.
    http://x10hosting.com/portal/ - Most free hosts limit you on the size file that you can upload.  I think youhosting limits you to 7mb.  This host has a 1gb file size limit.

    When it comes to premium hosts, I think that ipxcore.com is the best value.  I'll be posting a more official version of this list on my blog and I'll share the link once I have it finalized.
  • Thanks for sharing these. Any thoughts on how these might be affected by Google's penalty on low quality hosting companies?
  • The free web hosts that ban certain free TLDs such as .tk, .co.cc, etc are likely to not be penalized by the rankings.  I've also read that the server response time factors into this as well.  Off the top of my memory, I know that youhosting.com has most/all free domains blocked because of their reputation for spam/low quality sites.

    Also, if you get a dedicated IP, which only heliohost offers, you can avoid being lumped into the same category as the other sites that use the hosts' shared IP.  I think that any serious website should always get a dedicated IP even if it does not need it for enabling SSL.  Many content filtering programs rely on the IP address of a website in order to identify it.  If your website uses a shared IP, the content filter may have to miscategorize your site due to the content on the sites sharing the same IP.
  • The cheapest way I've found to do hosting is to use amazon s3 to host your static websites. It's super simple and doesn't allow you to host a wordpress site, but it's fast. Especially when you use route 53 and cloudfront with it.