where do you do your shopping??
  • hi all.

    from the ebook i know you are recommending we do our "shopping" on digitalpoint. was wondering if that is where everyone shops?

    also curious what filters are you using on DP to weed out the losers quickly?
  • We are actually in the process of rewriting the book to add a few more options for searching sites.  DigitalPoint is getting too cluttered with bad sites now.  We have a couple tools for searching sites in our premium member area using Flippa and a few other marketplaces.  In addition, cold calling is a really good option as well.
  • Hi Mark. DP has some search features to help but it's definitely one of the sites where you have to dig through a bunch of dirt to find a gem.

    This page may be helpful to you https://www.buyingandsellingwebsites.com/top-places-to-buy-and-sell-websites/

  • I like ebay. I can find a lot of sites there really cheap and then work on building them to resell elsewhere.
  • very interesting scott. i'd love to see an example of a site you bought on ebay. all i find on there are mostly cookie cutters for 29.95.