• So it seems that what buyers want is the thought that they can turn a site into a million bucks without much effort. Well, who doesn't? So, check out this site that sold for for the BIN of $455 with, really, nothing more than a wing and a prayer. But the temptation was for that elusive "easy money". I hate the colored big font sales page. But I don't need to care what I like or not. It's all about what THEY like.
    http://flippa.com/auctions/96399/Auto-I ... ow-Reserve

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  • I see that the seller had a "take it or leave it" type attitude as shown in the listing, and the 1 day only option in the listing. I wonder if these 2 items helped him sell the site.
  • Even this piece of crap made $170! There is No traffic, No profit, No original design or content...the sales letter is almost unreadable!
    http://flippa.com/auctions/96274/Premiu ... -Potential
  • If you're going to discuss a specific auction listing, remember to make the thread in "auction discussions".

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  • I'm still interested in the Xfactor site you were talking about. Maybe you can pm it to me?
  • Any idea of how these sites are made? I notice it is listed in the BIN package.
  • I'm sorry I forgot to include it Brent. I'll check now but I'm off to bed.
    Alright. here it is:
    http://flippa.com/auctions/96195/April- ... ense-theme

    Must to bed, so I can get up early. Sun and Mon are my workday weekends and I need to get a lot done. What do you think, B? About the site that is.

    [quote="Brent Jacoby"]
    I'm still interested in the Xfactor site you were talking about. Maybe you can pm it to me?
  • I am thinking the opposite as you. How did they get so much for that site. It only had 2 months of earnings and those were:
    Month 1: .60 cents
    Month 2: $1.40

    They sold the site for $55 dollars which to me is crazy! Thats 40x monthly earnings!

    It would have been hard for me to buy that site for $15 bucks.

    And their copy was pretty bad.
  • Interesting Brent, then why do you think the other sites did better, other than the copy on the first?
  • Regarding first auction, that's an interesting one. Had a ton of views for 1 day so I'm assuming some traffic has come from exposure elsewhere. Maybe the flashy sales page does indeed work well.

    Interesting and I'm still not sure why it went for such a good price. Combination of luck and a good sales page, I suppose.

  • The guy who sold first one , sold pretty much exact sites for similar price few days before.

    And as you can see he has an opt in form, so he probably blasted an email to his previous customers+leads. That explains the high view count and also why he got so many bids.

    Opt in form, is definitely a great addition to your listings.
  • Good tip. Here's another XFactor site:
    http://flippa.com/auctions/96334/Mini-A ... -Forget-It

    Whatcha think?
  • [quote="BillyPilgrim"]
    Good tip. Here's another XFactor site:
    http://flippa.com/auctions/96334/Mini-A ... -Forget-It

    Whatcha think?

    Selling at the wrong time. Should probably wait until he gets the site on page one as that is always a big milestone when it comes to selling.
  • Since you have seen some of my adsense sites ARE on the first page, this is good news. Do you think if it was on page one he could do better than his BIN?
  • I think these sites with the Studio Press theme sell better purely because they look great! I guess the buyers on flippa are newbies? More experienced marketers would see more value in the domain name rather than how pretty the site looks. I've watched a couple of xfactor sites recently that either didn't sell or sold for very low prices yet the domains were very good and worth a lot more.

    Take the discontinuedperfumes site. MS shows 260+ plus exact searches a day and the front page SERPS are full of low pr sites with few backlinks. Had I seen it earlier I'd have bought it!

    Yet there are sites selling for great money where the buyer has no chance of getting the site to rank. But they look great! I guess they don't know how to do keyword research and carry a proper due dillengence check on what they're buying!
  • I agree. MFA sites are designed for clicking not buying. That's why they are ugly.
  • just finished reading through this thread and I guess I will add my 2 cents...

    I remember in the eBook where revenue is one thing that can also harm your auction... If a buyer sees you make $1.50/month... that is peanuts.... however, if you were to hype up the ad copy, emphasize the site is "on the rise" and has "potential" to make biiig money, well, then you get some guys at home thinking to themselves... "yeah, he is right, this site is only on the 2nd page... I could put a little bit of work in and make the big bucks!"

    And then you get the bids into the $100+ range...