Hello from Seattle!
  • Hello folks,

    Just wanted to introduce myself here and say, wow a diverse group of people, it's awesome! Glad to be apart! Now bare with me until I learn my way around :)

    My name is Peter, btw.
  • Oh, almost forgot to mention a bit of my background.

    I've been working on website development and design ever since I was 11 and went into the selling business about 4 years ago (yes, yes I know, and JUST now discovering this place). I've been semi-active on Flippa, run a few of my own sites, sold a few and acted as a broker for a couple of larger, offline deals. 

    I still feel like I know very little about this market and have much to learn. Which is how I found this site in the first place :)

    Thanks again for a great forum and resources! 
  • Great to have you aboard.  We're here to help however we can.  Sounds like you have a good foundation to start.