What SEO tactics would I apply to a site like this?
  • Since SEO heavily depends on content, what can I apply to this site to see some results?

    The nature of the it is videos of course and very little text content. I'm having a bit of a struggle pushing traditional SEO methods here. Any advice?

  • Without doing a long indepth look at it.
    Two things from an initial peek:
    - add a blog section and add articles on how to find youtube videos,
    add you tube videos or even just how to use youtube for beginners.  The
    articles can add good quality content.
    - I've seen sites with just videos rank well on organic searches.  I'm
    trying to remember everything they did, but from what I could remember
    the big thing was (time on site).  The more people stuck around and with
    a low bounce rate, those two things helped the organic search.  They
    had on the home page headlines and a small icon clip for the top videos
    and when someone clicked a video it took them to the post page with the
    video.  On that page they had three small video clips under the one
    playing which got people to click on those as well.  Thus, more page
    views per visit.

    Don't ask me to remember the name of the site I can't.  It had something to do with how to use wordpress though.
  • Would you say that SEO focused tactics aren't exactly the right fit for a site like this? As in, perhaps I should put more of my energy and focus into (let's say) social marketing instead?

    I've seen the type of sites you're referring to, yes. Almost no text content, all videos and yet they're ranking extremely well with search engines.
  • If you're considering SEO, I might recommend doing some keyword research to see which terms like "best of youtube" are actually generating some search volume. Then see who your competitors are. I think social makes sense, but if there are some terms out there which aren't too competitive, it's worth looking at putting some effort into SEO.