I'm Excited to Get Started!
  • Hi,

    I wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Jake, I'm currently in school for Mechanical Engineering, but now that I'm two years in I've realized engineering isn't my passion. This summer I was part of a management internship and I realized that I've got the entrepreneurial itch. I have a real passion for business and working with people, instead of working with excel files.

    Now I've turned my attention to the internet because I've realized it's the perfect middle ground between technology and business. So I want to learn how to utilize web development/sales to potentially start my own business. Right now, I'm bringing together a team of students to create a community service social networking site. I started thinking about my end goal for this site, and when I began to look up selling websites, I found buyingandsellingwebsites.com, and couldn't resist. I have a passion for using technology and innovation to bring people together to create something bigger than themselves and I think that's exactly what this website is all about. So thanks for this opportunity because I'm happy to be aboard!
  • Great to see you in the community here and we look forward to your questions and comments in the forum.  Take a look around and when you have questions let the members of the forum know. 
  • Great to have you as member! I had a similar path to you. I went from Computer Science in College to being an entrepreneur. You're spot on that running internet businesses are a perfect mix of tech and business. If you'd like any feedback on your new business, don't hesitate to post in our forum.