Selling My Exclusive Web Tool PR2 Website PageRankTool.Info
  • I'm selling My Exclusive Web Tool PR2 Website PageRankTool.Info at flippa.

    Please give feedback on any improvements you think i should include

  • The listing looks great.  Well done.  Do you buy the feature listing on it?

    If you can show any revenue from it that would help too.
  • no i did not do feature listing should i buy feature listing
    also is the price $1000.00 good to start for this website
    did you see my video in the listing?
  • I would suggest featuring the auction once you have a few bids. 

    If you don't get any bids soon, then you may want to do the feature anyway to get some exposure.

    I think $1,000 is a high starting price for a site with $0 revenue and only 100 uniques per month.  You may not get the bids based on that. 

    We've found that no reserve with a $1 starting bid works well, but you have to be willing to take whatever you get with that kind of an auction.  If you have a lot of money into the site it's not as easy to do.
  • i am thinking to low it to $250.00? will it work?
    also should i have the buy now at $10K or noting
  • I think the BIN at $10k is fine. 

    Lowering it to $250 would certainly get some more lookers.
  • Thank you i did lower it $250 is 28 days good?
  • Yes, Chris makes a great point.  I assumed you had that info.  But in case not, start the bidding at $1 and make the reserve something higher.

    Most auctions are in the 7-14 day range.  for a site like this I wouldn't go more than 14 days.
  • we now have one bid at $199.00
  • Very infomative.. I going to keep that in mind.Thanks guys.
  • i see my Alexa Ranking has update on Alexa website how do i update on flippa?
  • That's a good question. Flippa pulls the data directly from Alexa. I'm not sure how often they update it after the initial auction starts. You should email them and let us know what you find out.
  • hi i have now 2 bid up to $500.00 should i buy Featured Listings for $50.00 or wait for the lest few days?
  • I would probably wait for 7 days out
  • I agree with David. My opinion is that you get the most bang for your buck by featuring it in the last 1-2 days.