An X-factor site that should have made more money...why?
  • So here is another site that dogged. A typical X-factor MFA mini site. Why did it go for so little money? My feeling is that it listed features not benefits. Marketing is...sell the sizzle not the steak. What are your ideas?
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  • What is the link to the flippa auction?
  • You can't start talking about a listing that others don't have a clue about. It makes analyzation/discussion impossible.

    Also, if you are going to make any threads about an auction listing please remember to place in "auction discussions".

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  • Am I missing something? Can't see a link :)
  • Reopened thread for link.
  • Sorry for going off half cocked, tough day of work politics. Trinity was right. The link is in the this thread :
    in the proper section.
    Thanks. Feel free to re-lock the thread.
  • Cool. Thanks for the proper link.

    Thread closed.
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