Making profit on a quick flip
  • If you're going to do a quick flip within a week or two, what's the best way to add value to the site. Would adsense and advertising require that you hold on to the site for a couple of months to prove the income?
  • It depends on where you're planning to sell. The best strategy for a 1-2 week flip is to buy a site at a bargain price and sell at or slightly above its actual market value. For this to work, you need to know before you buy how much you expect the site to sell for and where you're going to sell it.
  • Would I want to put and adsense or advertising on the site, or does it not matter for quick flips?

  • If you can add adsense quickly and start showing some revenue it will increase the price.  So I would do it.
  • anywhere else to sell website other than flippa?
  • What size of deal are you talking about?  It depends on the price you are looking for and the income of the site.