Just picked up KFS: 7 Days to Profit
  • Hey all. A quick look at the PDF and I'm ready to take action.  I've got all day tomorrow to devote to making this work and digging in.  Of course, after tomorrow I'll be taking action as well, but I have extra time tomorrow to really dig in and make sure I understand everything.  Let's move!
  • Do we get access to the cold calling emails and sample letter of intent as a KFS 7 Days buyer? I could not find them anywhere.
  • I have to manually give you access.

    You can now access the special "7 Days To Profit" downloads by clicking on the new category to the left or clicking here http://www.buyingandsellingwebsites.com/forum/categories/7-days-to-profit. Don't forget to email or skype me to get the list of criteria buyers are looking for.
  • I see the category, but it asks me to login to view it.  I login with the same username/pw for the site and it just tells me to login again.  I did this 5 or 6 times and still can't access it.  ??
  • It could be a permission issue since you were already logged in. Would you mind trying in a different browser and tell me if it works? If not, I can just send it to you via skype.

    Sorry about that!
  • Tried in IE and it worked, so I went back to Chrome and it worked there too.  Weird, but now I'm happy.  Thanks!  

    Went through as many videos as I could on the site (the ones I had access to, not the premium) and watched both attached videos from the zip file.  Looks simple enough.  Ready to start now.  As soon as you send the list of criteria buyers are looking for (does that include the niches?) then I'll get to work.  
  • Glad you got in. List sent to your email.