Hello There - from the 'cool' state of MN
  • I just purchased the KFS: 7 Days to Profit and I'm looking forward to getting started!
  • Hi there! I just joined too, and I'm also from MN! I'm in St. Louis Park, where are you located?

    Really looking forward to this program!

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Glad to know that there's another Minnesotan on board!

    I'm from Worthington - way down south :)

    This program is really great - I've gone through the PDF and the videos already and it's something
    very doable.

    I think you'll really like it!

    Take care,


  • Welcome aboard! You can now access the special "7 Days To Profit" downloads by clicking on the new category to the left or clicking here http://www.buyingandsellingwebsites.com/forum/categories/7-days-to-profit. Don't forget to email or skype me to get the list of criteria buyers are looking for. If you have trouble accessing, you may need to clear your cookies for our site or try a different browser.