Hi from a Female Irish Flipper in Oz
  • Hi,

    I've been studying for about 2 hours every day and undertand the process, I think knowing what is valuable in the market is what I need to learn as when you look at the sold section on Flippa it's just confuses you. I'm a Dolphin and want to flip about every two months so build authority sites and evtaully become a Dragon, I will start my first flip Jan and looking forward to network with other flippers as I've lots of questions. The hardest part for me is knowing what domain to buy as now google is penalizing Exact Match domains which is not good for flippers so does this mean we can pick any domain name and it still be valuable?
  • Hi Chris, I think I wrote that wrong, I would like to become a Dolphin. I will start as an Ant until I have funds to become a Dolpin, I book a kindle book and it says to replicate an Affiliate site that sells on Flippa, buy an aged domain, this process takes about 8 weeks and then flip, so I'll begin with this and build the site from scratch. Now that Google is not ranking exact match domains, my biggest hurdle is trying to know exactly what is a valuable domain, so it must have the keyword? Can you say purchase any domain and then make a site valuable with the rest of the work you put into to monetize a site? Of course then once i habe tye funds I will buy establised sites that have an aged domain as most of the ground work is done for me. Once I get paid from my first flip I will buy your course I like and need the support here. So I will start in Jan and build a site from scratch with an aged domain and outsource all the work. Hope this has made sense??!!
  • Is the Coaching in the premium membership? Is that for every year? I'll sign when I make money from first flip!
  • Great thanks Chris! I'll have a read. Yes I don't think Google is going to destroy SEO and it always settles back down again. I think I just need to get going now!