SEO / Traffic Ideas for This Awesome Website?
  • Hey guys,

    I recently started a new business, the site and developed membership platform took me about a month to complete.
    We've already seen quite some revenue, but only from mailings.

    Any ideas on how to get ultra-targeted traffic to this website ( ?
    Basically looking for people that want to start a new business, become entrepreneurs, make money on the side, start an online business - but have no clue where to begin..

    Let me know if you guys come up with any good ideas for this, would love some help!

  • Hi Charlie,

    I would say the biggest low hanging fruit is to promote your affiliate program. Here are a few thoughts:
    1.) Search the web for sites promoting your competitors and reach out to them to see if they will promote you.
    2.) Post about your affiliate program on internet marketing forums.
    3.) Seek out JV Deal brokers.