Signedup almost two months back
  • Hello There,

    I signed up for your course two months back, i just received your cd version today .  I am haing hard time to figure out how to get the $100 to start selling, is there a link for it or can you redirect me to that location?

    Please guide me are this two sites different and  ?

    What is the best way to get support ?

    i tried selling three sites , but all ended less then 17$ on flippa , i am not taking correct steps i suppose, i need your help kindly plz suggest you to help me out.

  • Hi Vinay,

    You can get access the bonus materials from the KFS course by clicking here

    You can get support in this forum or by emailing us.

    I'd be happy to take a look at the sites you tried to sell. Can you post links?

  • Hi Chris,

    Here are my links

    Also can you help me to understand how to sell plr article without revenue , do i have to buy a PLR book and then convert that book into a website and that website will have contents from PLR book ? and will i earn from adsense or something and then sell it on flippa ? I am little confused on that topic in the book. Please help!

  • I would say these were all turnkey sites since they had little to no revenue. It looks like they sold for what I would consider a fair amount considering the listing copy and the "duplicate sites found". Did you build them or buy them?

    Regarding the PLR model. You essentially would slap a new name and cover on the PLR book, write a fresh sales letter for it, get sales for a couple months and sell the site on Flippa.
  • Hi Chris,

    I bought them from DP, i guess i made a wrong choice purchasing it, spreademail was PR3.

    For PLR model site, how do i do SEO ? How do i get visitors to site ?


  • One strategy is outlined in the course (see the section about forums) however our course isn't meant to teach you everything about SEO/traffic, just how to flip sites.
  • Hi Chris,

    I bought yesterday, can i sell it now on flippa ?

    How much it can go for ?

  • I looked at and it looks like decent site with Page rank, but not much traffic.  Depending on how much revenue it's generating per month you may be able to sell it for a fair amount on Flippa.  You just have to find the right buyer, who wants in that niche.

    I can't say for sure what someone would pay, but my guess is less than $800.  Probably more in the $200-300 range.
  • Thanks David, but the content in the site seems auto generated, and does not look good, shall i change the content of site and do some seo  ?
  • David_312David_312
    Accepted Answer
    In my opinion, anything that appears to be auto-generated, doesn't read well or looks like it was copied from another site online should be replaced or at the very least rewritten.  It's easier to rewrite content then create it again from scratch.  I would wait on the SEO stuff until you get the site reworked.  Just making changes to the site pages and pinging those pages with various services will get the SERPS back on the site and looking again.