• I haven't always chosen the best keywords if I was going to keep an adsense site. When I'm looking for something to buy I always check keyword stats (# of competition, hits per month, CPC, etc.) Are most Flippa buyers that savvy?
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  • Yes, no, maybe.

  • As Trinity says it really depends.

    Don't give away ALL of the information in the listing though.
  • As you have taught me. So, it's make them want to ask more to get them salivating?
  • If you give everything away then it is easy to replicate, thus killing the value of your site. If it is still a relative mystery then you maintain the position of power - hence commanding a higher price.
  • why not put as a bin bonus ? :angel:
  • Thomas,
    I really like that. I know how to write a strong sales letter that makes people want to buy, but this is clearly a different game. Thank you for this insight.

    I still have a lot to learn...I love it!