LarryW is happy to join via KFS: 7 Days to Profit!
  • Hi everyone. I am resting after big family Turkey dinner day. It is more windy today and beginning to get chilly after an extra warm week (east coast USA). There is NO SNOW here but I bet Chris has to dust off his car?

    I want to earn as I learn everything possible about flipping, and look forward to help from those experienced!! I just started exploing this membership site, and I am still watching the videos.




  • Hi Larry. Glad you had great Thanksgiving. Luckily we didn't have any snow in the valleys.

    Welcome aboard! You can now access the special "7 Days To Profit" downloads by clicking on the new category to the left or clicking here Don't forget to email or skype me to get the list of criteria buyers are looking for. If you have trouble accessing, you may need to clear your cookies for our site or try a different browser and login directly from
  • Thanks Chris, I did download the little zip file with templates.

    I am still just starting and need to finish the videos, but I guess I could email you soon.