Two sites listed on flippa
  • Hello I have listed two sites on flippa

    I am not sure if i have to reduce the duration of the bidding time to three days, since last time when i had three days bidding just recieved bidding to $27 and i lost quite a money.

    I am not sure, if i have to make any changes to the sites listed. Please help , i would like to earn atleast $100 from each of the site. Hope it works....
  • With you may have a challenge getting to $100 since it's showing a previous auction was run with a winning bid of $41just 13 days ago.

    The other one may get up to $100 if you can get some exposure on it.  I posted a comment under Chris' name to show some activity. 

  • Hi David, 

    Am i doing something wrong ?

    Not sure , i am not able to get good sites on DP and last one which i purchased was , it has a PR3 rank now, but still the bid reached to only $57 , not sure why i am failing.

  • It takes time to spot the quality sites on DP.  In addition, the best approach for finding sites now is going direct to sellers.  You may not get the low cost for the site, but you do get quality sites.  If you are still looking for a quick flip approach, stick with DP and focus everyday looking for the diamonds in the rough.  One approach to take is to go to and see what sold recently and had a lot of bids.  Something in the price range you are looking at selling.  Then look for a similar niche site in DP.  At least you know you'll have some bidders on the type of site when you post it.