Hi from Australia!!
  • Great to be here - looking forward to interacting with you all as we make our online fortunes.

    I'm currently running over 220 blogs, but with a 2 year old and another on the way, thought I'd have a firesale and sell off the less profitable ones.. my time is no longer my own!!

    I love building sites.. that's my strong point.. then prefecting the process and outsourcing it. Got a great team of writers and admins behind me but I just want to take it all to the next level and get some more of that "work/life balance" stuff happening.

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  • Hey Julia,

    Welcome to FN.

    Sounds like you have an awesome head start. Definitely good to flip the poor performers and focus on the profitable sites. Will be great to see how you get on with your first flip.

  • Hey Thomas, thanks for your welcome. I'm just now deciding how much I should do to my sites before selling them (getting the revenue up etc.) Or if I should just dump them and reinvest the money quickly.. decisions, decisions! ;-)