Should I take my site off of Flippa?
  • I'm trying to sell a site on Flippa, but it only has 2 low bids and 19 hours to go. I got it featured last night, and that got me more views and a few people to watch the bid, but it didn't get me any more bids. At what point should I take the site off of Flippa? Should I wait until the last hour to see if more people bid?

    Here's a link to the Flippa page:
  • The bids have reached the reserve price so unfortunately it's too late to take it off Flippa. I'd recommend focusing on ways you can make money from the buyer such as providing them hosting, marketing services, etc.
  • Jake, I wouldn't pull the listing just because you're likely to get some negative feedback. 

    Just go in now and add a reserve to the listing.  Put in an amount you will accept.  If someone asks why you added a reserve at the last minute, just let them know you needed to get a certain price.

    Here are the rules on adding reserves according to Flippa:

    You can change the reserve price on a public auction: click on the "Edit Listing" link on the auction listing.

    However, there are some restrictions on the changes you can make.

    You can't change the reserve price once it has been met by an accepted bid.

    You can lower the reserve price, but you can't set a
    new reserve price that's lower than the highest accepted bid. That
    bidder will already have been notified that the bid didn't meet your
    reserve price, so your new reserve price needs to be higher than that

    You can raise the reserve price as long as it hasn't been met yet.

  • I just saw Chris' post.  If there was a reserve and it was met, then he is right.  I thought there was no reserve.
  • That's a bummer, I didn't realize I even put a reserve price on it in the first place. That's definitely a lesson learned the hard way...

  • There are 8 hours to go, is there any way to stir up more attention for the listing?
  • I sent you an idea for this via PM.