Thoughts on premium .com vs .net equivalent
  • I recently registered the .net versions of a domain I would like to use for building a website.  One of the .com versions that is registered by someone else has a starting auction price of $3,000 and is not being used for anything or being parked.  The other .com has a directory type of website that appears to not be used as there are no listings.

    Here's what I'm trying to figure out.  Is it worth trying to buy the expensive .com versions now before I start to develop my site or just ignore them for now?  I have no idea if my site will be successful and before committing that much money to a domain, I was hoping to do a sort of proof of concept first.  However, I would expect that if I had a successful proof of concept, the price for those .com versions would likely go up.
  • David_312David_312
    Accepted Answer
    My opinion is that it's always best to prove the concept before investing too much.  That being said, .com domains are always preferred.  However I have been able to get some .net's listed on google pretty quickly.  So the answer would be what you are comfortable with spending.  $3,000 for a domain is pretty high.  Unless it's a very high traffic exact match domain.  Something over 50,000 unique exact matches per month.
  • Thanks for the advice.  I'll see how things go over the next few months and try to remember to report back.