Hello all, need some help.
  • Hey everyone,

    Just joined up to this site and have started going through the material in the UIIF, I am up to the 5th module. This is the first time I have done anything like this. But it seems promising.

    I definitely fit the dragon profile, so I am looking for sites that I can purchase, already making an income, and build them up slowly. I don't really have a background in anything that I could capitilise on in this industry. Any site that involves any real skilled work would need to be outsourced. Although, I am not completely useless when it comes to this web-based stuff and can navigate around HTML and PHP scripting to make tweaks, etc. I can also manage FTP transfers and some of the backend stuff required to run websites.

    I have started looking around at sites that I could purchase. But not really too sure what I want yet. I have reservations about a few sites. Auto-blogging sites & news farms I don't believe have a good future, thanks to Google, nor am I very good at blogging myself. Free movies and MP3's have obvious legal implications. I would also like to be able to do this while I am travelling, so anything without a physical inventory would be better.

    I have looked at a few directory sites, which I think would be alright. But the ones I have looked at aren't really in niche markets.

    Now you all know my life story, is there anyone that can give me some ideas on where to start.
    Thanks for spending the time to read my dribble :)

  • Hi Ben,

    I might suggest starting with a site that sells an ebook or some kind of digital "info" product. That seems like it could be a good fit for you. Sites monetized with affiliate offers might also be a good fit. I always like looking at sites like 43things.com for ideas on niches. Also, stay away from anything that Google doesn't allow Adwords advertising on. That's a good rule of thumb. I hope that helps.

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  • Thank you very much Chris, I just have to take the pressure off myself trying to find one in a hurry.
    I suppose it takes time to find a nice little niche to settle in to, you helped to steer me in the right direction though.

    Will let everyone know how I go.