Does my new website look good enough for my very first flip?
  • Hi,

    So I'm an ant. I've never flipped any websites before and I really want to succeed in this business. To test the water, I've made a very minimal investment by buying a high PR, aged, domain. I've built a travel blog on wordpress platform and I'm ready to set my first auction live tomorrow on Flippa. I'd just like to ask experienced members here to take a quick look through my website, and let me know if it looks good enough to submit it for a flippa auction.

    Since I'm an ant (though after my first flip, I'll be a dolphin), my new website has no traffic, or revenue. I pretty much want to sell on the basis of great potential.

    Any suggestions/tips that'll help me improve my results on Flippa and help me get a bigger ROI, will be much, much appreciated.

    My website is:
    My niche: Travel
    Website type: Magazine/Blog

    Some stats for my website:

    Page authority (Mozcheck): 22.23
    Domain authority (Mozcheck): 21
    Moz Rank: 2.03
    # of External backlinks (MajesticSEO): 24
    # of Referring Domains (MajesticSEO): 7
    Domain age: 11 years, 1 month, 19 days (SEOlogs) 

    Thank you :)

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  • My biggest suggestion would be to look for other sites on Flippa with similar stats that sold for around the amount that you're wanting to get. Try to find the common things they all did and incorporate that into your listing. One thing that can really help is to have something proprietary you can include. Maybe you've got advertisers lined up or something like that which will only go to the buyer.
  • Hi Chris,

    I don't have any advertisers lined up, but my website is very adsense capable. Does that work, as far as revenue streams go?

    I'll take a look around Flippa with your suggestion in mind :)
  • It isn't so much about having advertisers lined up. It's about having something proprietary that is only included if they buy your site. Login to our tools and look through the seller statistics. Try to find sellers who are consistently selling turnkey style sites. You'll see some examples of what I mean.