favicon, robots,txt and webmaster tools
  • Hello BASW comunity

    Did exist a way to bulk upload a favicon, robots.txt file and submitting the sitemap to google webmaster tools?

    Is ok to upload the same favicon to multiple sites? or is duplicate content?

    thank you !

    Best regards,
    Sebastian Papp & His Team
  • Hi Sebatian,

    I'm not aware of a method to do this for multiple sites all at one time. If you're building lots of sites, I can imagine those steps might be pretty time consuming.

    I've never seen SEO studies specifically related to favicons and duplicate content, but I doubt it's a major signal the search engines look at.
  • Thank you Chris for your responses. It seems like you are the only one who respond to me.

    Also, I want to know, Can I pay please next time via paypal the BASW membership?

  • Hi Sebastian,

    I'll follow up with you by email regarding paypal.