Building my Portfolio of 70 MicroNiche Sites (10-15 Pages of Content)
  • Hello BAWS Community,

    I just bought 70 new domains in the past month in different niches with exact match domains, installing these sites on 2 different hostgator servers, installing all the plugins needed etc. and start publishing first 10 articles on each site. ( thekeyword research was done with long tail pro and choosing the best long tails with MOZ difficulty grader that is under 40-45.)


    My question is the following:

    If I will have some of these sites that will don’t rank in Google in the next 3-6 months for the main keyword without building linkswhat will be the best course/method/resources I need to know about building quality backlinks and having the time to do these tasks on each website to be sure that every site will be a winner, or even 50-70% of them in both traffic & money ROI !?! I want to have a minimum of 10 sites that will make around 150$ per month because my Intention is to sell these sites onflippa for higher multiples of 15-20 monthly revenue. ( I sold my first website on flippa in September for 1650$ and is awesome. I want to repeat this success at a higher level )


    Thank you !


    built niche sites since February 2012 but in terms of building backlinks to microniche sites I didn’t do too many things in the past when is about backlinking (just submitting in directories) so I ask about the experience of this community. Which are the best methods to build links in 2013 J


    Best regards,

    Sebastian Papp & His Team

  • Hi Sebastian,

    I personally don't build micro-niche sites, but the folks in my network who do have stopped building backlinks completely and simply disposed of the sites that don't rank and re-purposed the content elsewhere. If you are primarily focused on a few main markets, you might consider building relationships with bloggers and other website owners who would be willing to let you guest post. 

  • Thank you Chris,

    So, to understand...right now is better to build a fewer sites but with more content on them (without building links myself on each site)? Please let me know if I am right :)

    My vision is to make around 15-20 articles on each of this site and then to sell them on still considered that I have micro niche sites with 15-20 articles on them?

    How many articles do you have on your sites ( when it comes about the content part I outsource to Iwriter)

    Thank you for your support Chris !

  • I don't see any downside to attempting to rank all the sites using the minimal amount of content/backlinks. If some don't rank, you can decide if you want to put more time into more content.

    Regarding the definition of micro niche, I think it's more important that you can prove traffic and revenue than any particular number of pages of content.

    As I mentioned, I don't build micro-niche sites. Most of our sites we have bought have over 20 pages of content.