• So ,

    When I view the auction it has lets say 2hours and 18 minutes left. (my auction)

    When someone else views it it has over 4hours left.

    I was like wtf. So changed browser, shot up an US IP and still has 2 hours left.

    Yesterday, auction ended. Like it even showed on the "ending soon" that it has 2 minutes left. I watched how it ended and all. (I was kind of sad :D, since it was below reserve) So I thought I'll pop around mates place. After playing for few hours , I come back home and see I have few messages and auction is open and have new bids.

    Like seriously WTF ?!? LOL

    Anyone else has had similar experience?
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  • Minor glitch, the 4 hour reset probably kicked in sooner or later to prevent sniping.

  • Yep! If there's less than 4 hours till the end of your auction and you get a new bid then the auction gets automatically extended by another 4 hours. The problem is that while Flippa have made it all look nice and shiny with their count-down javascript (so you wouldn't have to refresh the page to see how long you have till the end of the auction), the javascript has no way of knowing whether an auction has been extended or not. If you refresh, you'll get correct information though.
  • So it says that my auction has ended. Even if i refresh it. It even shows up in the just sold section etc.

    When other user views it, he still has 2 hours left and its open for bidding ,lol

    Just think its funny :)
  • Just use Ctrl + F5 (for window) to refresh :D
  • :) thanks.

    but it is not refreshing issue .