How would you guys Monetize an info website to its full potential
  • I just starting building my info website. The website is going to be packed with information and helpful things creating value to its readers. However I am puzzled about how to monetize this website to its greatest possible earning potential. I have looked into ad-sense but that doesn't look very lucrative unless your website has massive amounts on traffic flowing to it and mine doesn't. Its still being built an established. 

    Would an affiliate section be a good idea? I was also thinking about creating an info product to put on the site after its more established. I think I have a great idea and a golden niche. The CPC is almost $1. However I am very new to all of this. Any advice would be awesome.
  • Hi Chris,

    One thing that would help me to make recommendations here would be to know a little more about your goals with the site. Is there a particular dollar amount per month you'd like to earn from it? Do you want monetization that is very low maintenance or are you okay with something like providing services or shipping products?