What theme to install on my websites ?
  • Hy Chris and BASW members,

    I want to know what kind of themes I can install on my niche sites before activating intelli theme for adsense? I can leave the twenty twelve from Wordpress? I want to have in future something like thesis or dyithemes  when I have the budget.

    I mean...for a month-2 months I need to concentrate my efforts on attracting traffic, more than 100 visits/day...then...in month 3 I can install intelli theme and activating adsense ads. I am right?

    Thanks !

  • If you aren't planning to put adsense on the sites until after they rank, I think any theme that is fast and provides a clean user experience would be good. If you're looking for something free to optimize CTR, then my recommendation might be different. I personally use woothemes canvas. You buy it once and can install on any of your sites. Woothemes also has some really nice free themes. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for your response Chris. I like canvas to and I will install that theme, is ok...Right now I set up all of the articles for my websites...around one article at 2-3 days. I have content until February and for some sites until march :)

    Right now I have an intership who helps me with the content part, editing and publishing articles for me + 80% of the content is outsourced to Iwriter - 
    3$ for 500 words
    5$ for 700 words.
    Do you have any experience with Iwriter
    1. I want to know if is a good place to start with in terms of quality/quantiity and also price.

    2. Which steps I need to take in your opinion in order to see some faster results in terms of traffic to my sites?
    I chose some easy to rank keywords that have below 45 keyword competitiveness in moz score for all of my primary and secondaries keywords to all 70 websites.

    Now, in terms of softwares I have:
     amasuite.com softwares,
    Long Tail Pro
    Market Samurai
    keyword researcher from gizmoz
    keyword extreme
    PRO account at Moz
    WP Spy Bar

    I want to know which softwares I need to purchase in the near future to help me with traffic part.
    After making around 100$ + per month with Adsense again and selling a website on flippa I will want to buy an account here:
    + hiring my first VA from virtual staff finder (Chris Ducker's company)

    Thanks for your support Chris and HAPPY CHRISTMASS buddy !!!!!!
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  • 1.) I don't have enough experience with Iwriter to make a recommendation. I've used textbroker but generally find you get better quality if you recruit your own team on textbroker.

    2.) It sounds like you're mainly looking for organic search traffic in micro-niches. If you content is good enough, doing some outreach to experts in the niche could help.
  • I understand Chris,

    Which writers do you hire on a regular basis? With 4,5 stars?
    The price is somehow high for me right now.

    I mean, paying 36$ for just 500 words at 5 stars is obvious :))
  • I don't have specific writers I recommend. I recruit them based on their profile on the site for each project.