Get the Whale Model Started
  • I'm interested in investing in secure cash flow producing online business models using the whale model.
    I watched the whale video already.

    Can you give me some advice what concrete steps I must take to get the whale model off the ground successfully?
    My goal is to invest in multiple websites run by one dragon with a track record of 3-5 years.

    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. Have a great and successful year 2014.
  • Here's the structure we like:

    1.) Find an operator to find and manage the sites for you. Ideas to find them: Forums, linkedin, local web marketers.
    2.) Come to an agreement on profit splits. 50% is typical.
    3.) Create an agreement, entity and bank account.
  • Thank you Chris.

    Let's see if someone is interested.

    I am not going to cold call anyone, rather expect to be approached by interested collaboration partners.