How To Buy Dragon Websites (Dividend Websites) as ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)?
  • I'm an dividend investor and currently adjust my asset portfolio. Are there any ETFs for Dragon Websites on the market.

    I don't want to take the hassle to pick dragon websites one-by-one but rather buy a portfolio of proven cash flow generating websites across different niches.

    What do I mean by that?
    Websites that create a sustainable cashflow (yield more than 8%).

    Thanks for your comment.
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  • I'm not aware of any ETFs. You might be better off finding someone like a serial online entrepreneur who has built multiple sites earning income that would like to sell or someone who already bought a lot of sites and wants to sell them as a portfolio. I think brokers could also get you a portfolio of sites with an 8%+ yield.
  • One other thought would be to buy in as a minority owner to an existing website portfolio that the current owner will continue to operate.
  • Thank You Chris , as usual, practical valuable advice.

    Wish You and The Team a Successful Year 2014+