Quick Transfer Question
  • Hey guys,

    I'm pretty tech useless so I thought I would start to get my head around the transfer hosting process.by buying a couple of rubbish websites just to see how the whole process works.

    So I paid $70 for just an average nice looking no-traffic mostly useless website.

    I didn't bother going through the whole 'transfer the domain before payment' business because the seller had a ton of good feedback that for $70 I just thought whatevs Ill just run with it.

    So he's transferred the domain to my godaddy account. Now my hosting account is with crazydomains.com.au (pay $6 a month for that, nothing on there yet)

    So my question is simply this... he has requested my Crazy Domains username and password so he can transfer the files onto there..

    This sounds a bit dodge, but is it just a normal part of the process?

    Thanks guys,

  • Hi Mark,

    If you're letting him handle the website transfer, that's okay because he'll need that info. Just make sure to change the password after the switch has been made.

  • Thanks Chris! Note to all here,. Never use crazydomains. Charged my creditcard twice and took forver to refund it. Hostgator is the go.
  • Hey Mark. I've been seeing declining quality with hostgator. I'm liking the siteground geek plan lately.