initial traffic to my niche sites
  • Hello BASW Team,

    I have a couple of websites with 10-30 articles on each, 700+ words, images and so on.

    Which steps I need to take in order to see a faster free search engine traffic?
    All of these articles I optimized with seopressor and all in one seo pack.

    I want to know how much time and money I need to put in the traffic process for each site.
    I mean, how much it takes to see 500 visitors/day in my analytics for each website. 

    I want to monetize that traffic with Google Adsense and amazon links+skimliks.

    Thank you !

  • Sebastian,

    Are you wanting to do this totally white hat?
  • Yes Chris, I want to be all white hat,

    1. Also, I need some tips/advices from you and David Gass on building a successful biz plan of getting 6k/month from Buying and selling websites business.
    As you know, I sold my first website 3 months ago on flippa for 1650$ thanks to your advices and I want to repeat that success on a larger scale!

    2. Do you recommend to make pen names for each site for that google autorship? now is a limit in gmail about how many accounts you can make. I am curious how you make 
    this process of pen name accounts.

    3. Your team of va-s is still involved in building backlinks for niche sites ? Or all the efforts are 100% on creating successful content... In my example, I have chosen keywords with KW competitiveness below 50. I need to build backlinks? It past more than 30 days and I get just 10-30 visits/day... I don't know how much to wait... 2 months? 3 months?? 

    4. Do you have any sites with just 10-20 pages of content flipped for more than $1000 + ? I it possible to do this in 2014 or I need more pages in my sites to flip for that amount.

    For example, my income goal is to make 6k a month from flipping 1,2 or 3 sites a month. 
    Let's say we flip for a 20* multiple, then... We will need a site that it makes 10$ a day-300$/month OR 2 sites that will make 3,5$ a day or 3 sites that makes 3$ a day !

    I am correct?

    Thank you !
    Thank you Chris !
  • 1.) If it were me, the fastest way to get to $6k/month would be to buy 6 $1k/month websites and hold them as a portfolio. If you're going to build and flip, I'd set my goal to getting really good at building $300/month websites and sell one a month for $6k.

    2.) We only hold about 20 sites a time so we haven't run into issues with the limits you're referring to. Sorry I can't be of help here.

    3.) Our current strategy with backlink building is to build links that will drive targeted traffic. That generally comes from promoting our great content to other experts in our industry and/or getting other experts to contribute to our site.

    4.) The easiest way for me to answer this would be to point you to flippa and simply search the sold auctions to see what's currently selling.