5 Quick Questions For Chris !
  • Hy Chris,

    1. I am curious if you will begin again from scratch, being a website builder first, an ant, which will be the TOP 3 TASKS I should do in order to build profitable websites that I can sell then on Flippa ?!?
    I want to know specifically where my focus should be !!! Which tasks exactly !

    2. I saw that in the training of BASW is little information about traffic generation. Which courses do you recommend to apply?

    3. How Can I verify for free TOP sources of traffic for websites from TOP 10 Google Results.

    4. How Can I see the specific number of How many pages a website has?

    5. After having the content up on all sites which will be the next 5-10 Tasks in your opinion to get free traffic ?

    Thank you !
  • 1.) For sites monetized with adsense or similar (which I think you're doing), focus on creating lots of really useful content and spreading the word about it. Here's a good article on the topic.

    2.) If you're looking to buy training, a good place to start is with Ryan Deiss and James Schramko's stuff.

    3.) Use the follow.net plugin

    4.) in google search enter "site:domain.com". I also use the SEOQuake plugin for this.

    5.) Again, if your goal is to get free organic search traffic, just keep writing great content and spread the word. Contact people in the industry of your site and build relationships. Offer to write for them. Invite them to write for you.