Ask Chris & David Gass
  • Hello Chris,

    1. Do you have any morning/day ritual?
    I am curious how is a day of yours look like. Which tasks are you involved in the most and which tasks an ant needs to do on a regular basis.

    2. Which books/resources/courses do you recommend regarding the control of income, expenses, assets in life in general and also in this online business

    3. Which tasks will be the 80% / 20% pareto rule when it comes to attracting Traffic to online properties?

    Thanks !
  • 1.) Most of my day consists of testing and creating systems and managing my team.

    2.) Personal Finance Tool: Mint, Business Finance Tool: Quickbooks, Personal Finance Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich, Business Systems Book: E-myth

    3.) There's no easy answer because I've found every site's 20% is different. In general, I start by mapping out the marketing funnel for a site and identifying what is really driving the revenue of the site. For adsense sites, it's all about a.) getting free traffic and b.) improving CTR. Then I keep drilling down to each of those to really figure out what tasks I do are really moving the needle for those.