What is the best formula (Dragon, Whale) for investing in Websites?
  • One piece missing from your goals is if you want to operate the site yourself. That's the real difference between the Dragon and the Whale. The Dragon "manages" the asset while the Whale leverages other people to "manage" the asset and is more passive.
  • If you have lots of money but little time, go with the Whale model. If you have some money and a good amount of time, go with the Dragon.
  • Hi Chris and josefdavid, great points but I also think experience and passion are the key factors in between lots of time or lots of money. I've realized that building your own business has been touted as the only de facto option but it's not realistic for a lot of people/the timing in their lives. Personally, if I had to start over from scratch I would buy a site first then slowly learn how to build a site/business myself. The Opportunity Cost risk is much lower. Thoughts?