Flipping without adsense
  • Hi Guys,

    I purchased the book today and have had a quick look around the forums. I'm hoping to take action on some things I've seen and hopefully make a profit.

    My question is, how damaging is it not to have an adsense account? I lost my account due to some autoblogging. Do I only have the 'sell text links' option to make my sites profitable?

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  • It really isn't that hard to get another adsense account. You can also always buy one if you don't know how to acquire a new one any other way.

  • I got rejected 3 times for the site that had Adsense before I buy... so I don't really care about it now.. I just find another way to make money ...
  • Thanks guys, I'll try to get by without one and see how it goes.