How to Flip a Website for Profit --- 3 Steps and the money will come!
  • Searching for articles related to site flipping, I discovered the true secret today: all it takes to flip websites for profit are the below three simple steps.

    1. Submit as many press releases as possible.

    2. Create a good sitemap for your website

    3. Manually submit your site's URL to various search engines and directories.

    And that's it! Do this, go to bed and the money will be in your pocket the next morning! .............. or at least that's according to ( ... rofit.html).

    And the best of it all? The resource for this powerful article is - a product that lets you, quote: "Finally Discover How to Truly Make Money From The Internet". Would make one wonder if the whole eBook is jam packed with useful how-tos like the one above :-/

    This seriously made my day :D Now on to buying Amir's product before the last 100 72 55 21 13 7 5 copies will be sold out!!
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  • Yea I've been downloading some basic guides on how to get begin and most are complete junk. Oh well, 99% of the people who creates these products don't make a dime doing what they say.

  • You're laughing because you know better, but I'm telling you - the newbies that are exposed to this kind of information are totally excited about what they're learning. Too bad they will be equally frustrated when they don't make a dime off this =]

    It's a cool idea though - submitting 'useful' articles to huge newbie sites like with a link back to your product especially considering the kind of audience you're reaching. Learn from what guru's are doing, not saying, right?
  • crap crap crap, but as enSo says the newbies fall into the drap thinking they will earn very easy money! Most of those guides are rehased stuff.