SMX Advanced 2010 (Seattle: 8-9 June) - Who's going?
  • I was thinking of attending this year to go and see what mr. Cutts has to say this time :)

    Anybody else in?

    More information:
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  • Got a few too many other commitments at the moment or it looks like an interesting one. Hoping to head out to one of the larger conferences later this year.

    I'd be tempted if I knew the Flippa guys would be there :D
  • Isn't flippa under the "Sitepoint" umbrella?
  • Technically, yes. The guys who manage Flippa (Dave and Luke) don't have a connection with Sitepoint as far as I know and are merely employees and run it standalone for the most part.

    I'd be surprised if either of them made the trip from Aus for this but you never know :)
  • Another SMX actually took place in Sydney about a week ago - I'm sure they were both there.

    I even thought about going but our friends from Iceland conveniently planned their ash-deployment to exactly the same dates, making the aussies cancel all flights to/from Europe.