Brokerage Opportunity!
  • Ok guys here we go.I just found a guy that wants to sell his site and i told him i can do it for him but idk how to do it since this is a big site and the seller wants a big sum of money for it.So here is what the seller says about the site and i will quote him here :

    I want to sell my website namely PBtone . com. The Stats is in the attachment. Stats are only of www . music.pbtone . com domain only

    Let me update you with the material is a complete entertainment website. Its a complete source of Music / Movies / Mobile etc stuff. It contain 5 subdomains i:e
    1. www . music.pbtone . com
    2. www . mobile.pbtone . com
    3. www . blog.pbtone . com
    4. www . wallpapers.pbtone . com
    5. www . video.pbtone . com
    1. It is on Vbulletin Forum , a highly SEO website. having more than 26k register users with 48,731 Absolute Unique Visitors 84.36% are new visits acc. to Google Analytics.
    2. It is also on Vbulletin Forum.
    3. Wordpress Blog with customized Digg theme.
    4. Runs on W-Script " Paid Ver " , which is now free ver.

    5. Runs Video on Video CMS " Php Melody " .

    Our website rank decreased due to our dedicated server step back. Now it is on 2 servers which will be included also.
    Why to buy ??
    Well we spend $ hard on seo and in Google we are having top keywords like latest punjabi album / albums on 1 page , free music etc etc .
    A complete website no need to do anything with it .
    Domain is almost 3 year old.
    Having 21487 Backlinks " P.S :- Not acc to Alexa Backlink ".
    A complete $$ making website though Google Adsense and other various PPC programs accepted Pbtone. in b/w 400 / 800 $ with no hard work no promoting , nothing at all just sit and if you wish to increase your income just put your content it will be in Google with no min.

    What we will give with the domain ??

    1. 2 Share servers , 1 @ Windows and 2 @ Linux.
    2. Vbulletin Licensed Script ' 4.0 " ver. life time
    3. Some Paid Vbulletin Mods.
    4. Php Melody Script " Updated Ver. "
    5. Overgrab " Arcade Gaming Script " Just Intsall it and it will automatically Grab games , compatable with Mochi Ads as well.
    6. Wallpaper script " Paid Ver "
    7.More than 100000 Posts and 78000 Threads with 27k Users in our forum which we also give.
    8. Last but not the least . The Linux server which allow you to host your Mp3 files " no legal / illegal shit "
    P.S :- The reason why we are selling it , just we are retiring from this Buis.
    Google Analytic data is only for 1 sub-domain.
    Alexa Ranking :- 152,881

    Acc. to Google Analytics of 1 subdomain

    62.06% Bounce Rate

    84.04% % New Visits

    Revenue is not included , Stats are from 1 subdomain , and last month though rank has been increased .


    And here are some screenshots stats for the site :

    And here is a pdf file with more screenshots that the seller sent to me.i uploaded the pdf to MF and you can get it here :

    Now please tell me if i can do this and how much do yall think i can get for it over at flippa.Thanks.

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  • I talked to this guy, couldn't get a straight answer from him.
  • At first glance - you're probably looking late four figures - possible $10k with a bit of luck.
  • So Thomas,
    Does the market matter to the Flippa buyers? Obviously this is geared toward a specifically Indian market.