• Hey guys,me again:D.Ok so now i want to ask yall a question about a domain i own.Now i have a domain name on godaddy that is a few months old and it just sit there doing nothing.
    The domain name is maverikmoneymakerclub . com and i bought it a few months ago trying to promote those maverik products.Now i know those are some scam products but i want to ask you if i can flip this domain over at flippa.It still needs work to be done but i don´t worry about that.
    Now since those are scam products will this hurt my reputation if i want to flip it?
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  • If you google 'maverik' you don't see any of those products. Maverik is a pretty generic term so just turn the domain into a website- 'The Maverik Money Maker Club' and just have loads of money making tips, a unique logo etc.