Scrapebox proxies?
  • Any suggestions? I want to use it for both PR and SEO but don't have a lot of money yet.

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  • Use the free ones until you can afford private. If you want private I'd recommend browsing BHW as you'll likely find some good providers.

    For PR - I actually do mine manually. All you need is a few PR6/7's and you'll get a PR3 easily. Don't bother blasting 1000s of sites when a few high quality ones will do the trick. The URL harvester is perfect for this, although it will take a while to find some decent sites.
  • I tried using the free ones but both times the list resolved (from 16 and 33) to zero proxies. I've sent a support ticket.

    BTW How did you like proxygo?
  • there are loads of cheap links from pr pages on digital point, some permanent for a reasonable price.
  • I use SB recommend proxy: ... scrapebox/

    I buy 10 proxies for $29,9, test it and it is fine for me.

    Harvesting, scraping, ratio of comment poster, ping, and (the best feature i love when start a new site) rapid indexer etc was good enough.
  • I use proxygo and never had a problem.