Successful Seller Analysis
  • Thanks to Buddy for this idea.

    In another thread I pointed out this seller:

    He has been dominating the market for Pligg type social bookmarking sites for a while now.

    Instead of me doing all the work :D I thought it would be good to open it to the floor. What do YOU think he does well?

    Hopefully we can turn this into a productive thread and all of us learn something.

    So, what do you notice? What does he do well? What does he not do so well?

    NB: if the seller is on here, happy to close this thread if you don't want it discussed :)
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  • Well all the sites are well presented, they have page rank and low Alexa ranking. All which can be manipulated!! Someone left negative feedback which says it all really but people keep parting with good money!

    He's flat out with other projects making another one to sell! I wonder if he gets repeat customers?

    Anyway the sales copy is impressive, the sites look professional, PR, traffic and Alexa ranking = sale!
  • Yep, just about spot on. Regardless of the quality of his sites etc they do sell well. Quite an easy system to replicate too if you do some digging.

    It's the whole thing we discuss about setting trends too. He is the only one who sells those sites and as such makes some nice cash doing it.
  • So what im not understanding is how someone can easily buy a domain name put a blank pligg cms on it and churn out so many sites with big amounts of users. Id do something similar but i get stuck when i get to the part of users and end up staring at the webpage wondering how im going to get them.
  • Get hold of his traffic stats and check the referrers. Then all you need to do is work out how to get on those sites lol.
  • Ahha, will do :P
  • i am also following him for quite some time and wonder how does he gets so low alexa on all his sites. can anyone have any idea and care to share here pls. members can be fake and that is understandable and i know alexa is also fake but how.
    any inputs will be appreciated much and will benefit all i guess.
  • Hmm.. Its an interesting one. Im actually surprised he doesn't get more money for these bearing in mind the traffic. I wonder whether or not he is crazy for not doing some kind of better monetization with the sites. Having looked at I think Brian's success story for the exercise ball I suspect he could be getting a lot more money for these sites with better monetization.

    I think the reason he gives for selling the site is a bit fishy, stating that he is too busy with other projects, bearing in mind that he has a couple of other similar auctions live at the same time. Perhaps he might be better off saying that his business is designing the sites, not running them.

    I also wonder how he is getting page rank so quickly with so many visits. Is he just getting the sites signed up with someone like Bookmarking Demon? In which case arent most of the visitors bogus/not actual views.
  • I think it was stated that he buys the domain with pr already on it. You can get a pr2 for 20$ or so on DP
  • It's really easy to get sites like this with low Alexa rank. With the kind of traffic you get (ie people submitting sites) you only need around 100 UV's a day to get to Alexa 80k or so in no time at all.

    There are plenty of places to submit social bookmarking sites so getting traffic is easy. Monetizing on the other hand is really hard. I had a similar site with about 5000 members, and all the traffic came from 3rd world countries and as such was practically impossible to make a profit - hence why flipping them is often the best strategy.
  • [quote="Thomas"]There are plenty of places to submit social bookmarking sites so getting traffic is easy.

    Thomas, can you guide us how to get traffic on such a site? it seems a promising venture because there is another guy selling such sites on flippa for $300 - $500 range so i think it can be replicated.

    or if its too much work, kindly tell us how to get sites from where he is getting traffic from?

  • Just ask for his Google Analytics and see what referrers his sites have - most of them will be social bookmarking directories.