Do .info domains sell well on Flippa?
  • Hi All,

    I am working on several micro niche blogs that are monetised with affiliate programs and I am working hard at the SEO to boost their rankings and get some traffic and income flowing in so I can sell these sites.

    I have looked through all the recently sold listings on Flippa, and only a small percentage of them are .info domains. In the past, I have always purchased .info domains, but I am thinking I should go after the .com, .net or .org domains for flipping purposes.

    Does anyone have any input on whether a .info domain would hurt my sites' salability? (Is that a word?)

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  • Hey Brenda,

    As a general rule if the site is a newly established one then the domain being .info hurts it A LOT. With new sites you're selling the perceived value and therefore all little bits and pieces like this become extremely important.

    On the other hand, if you're selling a site that has decent traffic/revenue then it doesn't matter much whether it's .com or .info as the price is formed mainly based on the figures you're presenting, rather than the visual appearance of the package. That said - in these cases the slight different between the price of .com and .info becomes irrelevant and it makes sense to spend the extra $7 to avoid situations where a potential high bidder gets scared away because of the domain extension.

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  • Bear in mind with .info's they usually cost as much as .com's to renew after a year - so generally I don't bother with them unless I'm trying something new.
  • And remember, you can almost ALWAYS get your keyword as a .com just by adding things like:,, get the picture.